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About Topping Capital

Since the founding of its first fund in 1998, and subsequent launch of a fund of funds in 2007, Topping Capital has implemented an investment strategy that is not restricted to any specific market capitalization or industry weighting so as to provide the greatest opportunity to generate superior investment results. Topping Capital is an alternative asset management firm with these two funds at its core. The firm also engages in consulting and marketing opportunities related to alternative investments that can create wealth in any economic or equity environment. As a long-biased holding company that acts as General Partner to a hedge fund and fund of funds, Topping Capital encourages a culture that accepts prudent risk with a focus on annual rather than quarterly and monthly results.

Topping Capital’s investment process utilizes unique sources of information including a grassroots and geographically diverse network of industry contacts and partners developed through its 50 years of combined industry experience.


Topping Capital, LLC

990 Grove Street, Suite 505
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Telephone: 847-563-8218